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Consultancy and advice on blockchains

  • - Are initial coin offerings (ICOs) legal?
  • - What is the existing financial regulatory landscape and how is it likely to change?
  • - What are the potential risks and rewards of involvement in blockchain technologies?
  • - Analysis of coin markets.

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Our own blockchain is under construction. We have views on how to best apply blockchain technology to the capital markets and are building our own blockchain. It will have its own native currency and aims to provide a simple language for capital markets products such as money market instruments, FX forwards and other derivatives. Read the white paper.


Real world applications to support your business

We can help you explore the practicalities of using blockchain in your business. We are capable of delivering a proof of concept code base and a balanced business proposal. Are you thinking of implementing a blockchain solution for your business? Would you like a reasonably priced way of finding out if it can work? white paper

Our proposed system allows for a broad class of capital markets financial instruments to be defined and traded. specification team

Who we are

Dr Christopher Townsend

Executive Founder

Christopher started his career as a credit derivatives trader and has over fifteen years of capital markets experience with major investment banks, in increasingly senior finance roles.

His focus is control processes and regulatory compliance, with a particular expertise in derivative valuations. He has a PhD in mathematics, an extensive journal publication record, and has been working on techniques relevant to blockchain technology for many years.

James Davies

Chief Operating Officer

Recently James has been a co-founder, Managing Member and Group COO of London Derivatives Exchange, a Deutsche Börse and Societe Generale funded Swap Futures Exchange.

Prior to this James held roles at Trayport (Head of Sales, Marketing, PR & Business Development), BGC/Cantor (Global Head of Product Management) and at a firm he co-founded that Cantor purchased, Eccoware (Product Manager/Lead Architect).

Dr Robert Johnston


Robert is a scientist and engineer with expertise in quantum mechanics, artificial intelligence and information security.

He is a Fellow of the Institute of Physics, a Chartered Physicists, a Member of the Institute of Engineering and Technology, and a Chartered Engineer. His career includes senior roles at BAE Systems, including Principal Engineer. More recently he was elected to the BAE Systems International Engineering Fellowship.


Consultancy and advice on blockchains

Blockchain Consultancy provides advice and other services to companies who wish to consider using blockchain technology as part of their business.

Our expertise is in financial services, and we are actively involved in monitoring initial coin offerings and cryptocurrency markets. Our approach is measured and analytical, providing regulatory understanding alongside technological support.

We are also building our own blockchain which aims to provide capital markets products on a peer-to-peer basis.

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